You should start preparing for your hunting packing months before you plan to go the field. You need to clearly understand the available resources and the hunting pattern of a particular wild animal hunting. As a professional hunter, you should move with a hunting plan so as to target the right animal at the right place and at the right time. Hunting gear not only means the essentials you would be packing while hunting or traveling but it also includes preparing yourself for the hunting day.  Proper planning, packing, and preparation is very important to attain success. As a hunter, you need to be careful about packing your eatables, clothing, drinking water, ammunitions, temporary bedding, toiletry things, and much more. When your final day is there, you may forget to carry these things, so it is always a better idea to start planning months before so that none of the essentials is skipped.

Let us now see the list of hunting gears that you must carry during your hunting session:

Select your weapons

Hunters need to carry weapons like a riffle, binoculars, spotting scopes, bow, etc. However, before carrying these weapons on your hunting session, don’t forget to check if your state allows you to carry these weapons on hunting or not. Do legal and never try to go beyond the rules and regulations set by your state? Different seasons are defined by the state to use a specific type of gun. Many states even don’t allow you to hunt deer’s using high-power guns.

Do you have a license to kill

If you are on deer hunting, you should have a license or a deer tag before you actually start your deer hunting. Many states ask hunters to join education programs for hunters’ safety as well.  The main aim of this education program to make you aware of your responsibilities, your safety, and many other parameters that can make your deer hunting safe.

Binoculars or spotting scopes

Carrying a decent pair of binoculars or spotting scopes can really give the hunter an all-new experience of hunting. You can now chase the wild animal before it approaches you. Try to know his or her presence in advance. This will give you a moment to view and capture the natural beauty and wildlife in a better way.


If you are afraid of dark either, change your fear or stop thinking of going for hunting. The first one seems quite an easier one. You can easily change your attitude to deal with darkness, but your passion should not be comprised at any cost. Carry mechanical lighters or matchsticks and use them in the case you want to lit the fire.

Quality Backpack

Carry some of your essentials like your clothing, food, water, rope, match sticks, toilet papers, wipes, Swiss-knife, and much more in your backpack and go wherever you want to go for hunting.

Hopefully, you will find this list useful and take care of these essentials before going on your hunting session.

There is nothing more fascinating and mesmerizing than watching close into the eyes of a bird flying in the sky. Surprised, but this is true. Spotting scopes can do this for you. Traditionally, costlier spotting scopes were available but with the advent of science and technology, many companies have started manufacturing Spotting Scopes at affordable prices as well.

A birder mostly carries these spotting scopes, and his or her professionalism is judged by the quality and the types of scope he or she is carrying. Taking this point into consideration, most of the optical Instruments manufacturers have started making the best

Optical devices than ever. Here, we will guide you on various types of spotting scopes that have come up in the market starting from lightweight models to astronomy ones.

Which Spotting scope is best for Birding? Most of the spotting scopes are similar in features, but it mostly depends on your area of interest and pocket size. Let us see some factors that decide which spotting scope is better for a Birder:

You need to define your preferences

Before buying anything, you need to know its usage area Likewise, while buying a spotting scope for birding you need to understand your application area. For example, if you want to watch a hawk, then you need to buy any light-weight but good quality spotting scope and if you are using your tool inside the car, then you may buy any heavyweight tool.  Cheaper spotting scopes don’t guarantee clarity and perfection, so it is advised to go for the quality product at affordable rates.

Eye relief for Eye-Glasses wearers

You need to make sure that the spotting scope you are buying has some eye protection in the case you wear spec. There are many products available that come along with front objective lens larger than 80 mm with a wider field of view. Such type of devices provide better and brighter images but at the same time, these devices are heavier too.

Fixed or Zooming Magnification

Fixed Magnification devices normally support22x or 30x magnification whereas Zooming scopes support up to 60x magnification. This is the main reason why most of the people prefer to buy Zooming Magnification models.

Choose types of Glass Lenses according to your area of interest

Varieties of glass lenses are available. Let us see some of them:

  • Standard,
  • HD or we say High Density,
  • fluorite-coated lens, and
  • ED or extra-low dispersion glass lenses.

You can hardly differentiate between these glass lenses in low magnifications. But as you increase the magnification, the difference between all of these glass lenses become visible. You can easily feel the difference.

Suggestion: For fixed or lower magnification range, it is advised to choose non-fluorite, non-ED, and non-HD lens as this would save your considerable amount of money. Generally, most of the people buy Vortex Razor HD spotting scope because it covers many basic and important features.

Hope these simple features will help you select the best spotting scope for Birding.

Are you interested in buying a pair of binoculars? Are you still searching for the best binoculars but don’t know How to choose the best? If the most probable answer to these questions is a yes, we are here to guide you with certain tips that can help you to buy the best binoculars for hunting:

The first question that you should ask yourself is what would be the area of use? You need to focus on the application area and then choose the best binoculars depending upon its area of use.

What should be the weight criteria?

Full-sized binoculars are quite heavy in weight but have quality and high-magnification range. If you prefer to view images with better clarity and worry least for the weight, then you are advised to go for the full-sized binoculars, however, if the weight is an issue, you can opt to choose small-sized Binoculars.

Which size should you look for?

Binocular manufacturing companies offer Binoculars in full, mid, and compact sizes. If you are an archery lover, buying a full-sized pair of binoculars will serve your purpose of shooting the finest shots. Compact Binoculars supports minimum magnification range, and if you want to view stadium events like horse races, you can opt to buy compact binoculars because in racing you just want to see the performance and no detailing of the horses if required.  Choosing the right size of binoculars will narrow down your search for the best binoculars for hunting.

Which Objective Power of Binoculars should I Select?

The power of the Objective lens is one of the most important criteria’s that should be checked before buying binoculars. Most of the manufacturer considers Magnification range of 7 to 16X, other higher ranges also available but people generally prefer to buy the basic 10x versions.  Especially, in Archery, you don’t need Magnification more than 7X but for a rifle hunter; objective lens power should be very high to point and shoot at the right target and at the right time. Magnification also depends on the time when the images are being viewed.

How do you know which size is the best for you?

It is generally seen that full-size binoculars support objective lens size 40-56mm, compact, and mid-size supporting 25-36mm. To know which objective lens size is best, you need to understand your application area. The smaller the objective lens size is, the lower will be its FOV.

Last but not the least is the quality of the lens and the prism integrated inside the binoculars?

The more you pay; the better will be the lens and the prism quality. The better the quality better will be the binoculars’ performance. You can simply visit your nearest stores and compare the lens quality of a compact and full-sized binocular. You can yourself judge which model is the best for you.

All of these features, when inculcated together, can help you to choose the best binoculars for your hunting.

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Doesn’t matter you are a beginner or a frequent hunter; you must pack 10 basic things before you start your hunting trip:

First-Aid Kit.

Hunting no doubt is an adventurous activity, and you never know when you meet an accident. There are least chances of finding villages or civilizations, so you need to pack your First-Aid Kit in order to control the spread of infections at first hand.

Basic necessities

fresh Water for drinking and Food for eating. Whether you are going for a week or a month, you need to carry sufficient food and water so that your days won’t go empty stomach. Lack of water can leave you dehydrated and spoil your adventurous trip. You can take long with you snacks like granola bars and dry fruits that stay fresh for a long time. Dehydrated meals and packed food is another food packing option that can be packed for an emergency.

Toilet Paper and garbage storage bag.

Packing Toilet paper for an emergency doesn’t need any explanation. You can carry Garbage storage bags as well. Suppose you are carrying any electronic devices like rangefinders, cell phones, binoculars, GPS systems, etc. like products, and in the case of rain you need to protect these devices from the upcoming water. Garbage storage bags are used in such conditions.


This may sound quite funny but lighter is an essential part of your packing items. Many wild animals don’t prefer to come near the fire so, at night, you can prepare your bedding from sticks and lit a fire around your bed so as to get warm and protected sleep. This Lighter doesn’t occupy much space in your bag but has many life-saving benefits.

Basic Medicines.

A headache, cough cold, and fever under controlled situations don’t cause much harm. You can carry basic medicines like Combiflame, Benadryl, Wikoryl, etc. so as to get instant relief.


Again for safety and protection. Carrying rope in a bag and using it as a trees stand can help you secure your belongings. You can put your things and pocket stuff in these stands or even sleep at night, protecting yourself from wild animals.

Zip ties.

Just like Cable Ties, Zip Ties are available in different sizes in the market. You can use these Zip Ties to tag a carcass, branches, attaching things temporarily, or as a part of your hunting strategy to lure your prey.

Wet wipes.

Wet wipes are a perfect means to cleaning your hands or face when you can’t find water anywhere. Still better than toilet paper.

Zip-Lock Bags.

To keep your belongings, used things like scents, food wrappers, etc., you must carry Zip-Lock bags so that the smell of one thing doesn’t mix with eth smell of the other.

Sunscreen for body protection from UV rays is a must carry item.

Hopefully, you will find these simple 10 tips useful and take into consideration while packing your bag for hunting.

The fancy and inexpensive binoculars at the malls or local shops are not going to help you to bring down a deer or buck! How will you bring down a deer if you cannot see it through your binocular? If you are serious about hunting, you must invest in essential equipment that would help you locate your target easily. The rangefinder binoculars are very effective on hunting grounds, especially when you try to locate your target from a long distance.

With the right tool, your hunting experience will be enjoyable. Finding the best pair of binoculars that is suitable for your hunting style is not difficult you need to look for the better features before choosing the best! Ask any professional hunter to suggest you the best hunting binocular; they would suggest range finder binoculars that use high-grade technology to produce crisp images. The rangefinder binoculars adjust well, and they provide visible range metrics that helps you to spot the target easily.

Choosing the best Range Finder Binoculars for your hunting!

  • Is the rangefinder waterproof and fog proof?
  • What is the price of the rangefinder? Can I afford?
  • Is it huge? Can I carry it easily even during tough condition?

When Range Finder binoculars came to the market, they were very expensive and heavy to carry but later the technology advancements have improved and you have modern, inexpensive and light-weight models available. These range finders are used in hunting and sporting especially to find the exact distance between you and the target. Buying the best rangefinder binocular for your hunting expedition is the wisest decision you can take!

Buying suggestions for Rangefinder Binocular

The range – The rangefinder binocular gives you a clear reading of the distance from your target. The distance is displayed in meters or in yards. If you are choosing a rangefinder for hunting, it is better to go for a binocular that covers more than 1000 yards.

Look at its features – While hunting, you do not always stay in a straight position! So, get a rangefinder with angle compensation and it should also work in all light conditions. Do you need any specification during hunting? Think of all possibilities before choosing the right one.

How is the design? There are rangefinders available in horizontal and vertical positions. Horizontal ones are the preferred ones for hunting as it is easy to use and they are very stable. And do you also know that the horizontal rangefinder binoculars are weightless? Carrying the horizontal rangefinder during hunting will be a good idea!

Magnification and specification – 4X to 8X is the highest magnification that you can look for. 4X range covers 600 yards, while 6X and 7X cover up to 1000 yards. If you are looking for the best one, you can choose 8X which will cover 1600 yards. The one with the highest magnification is always recommended for hunting!

Rangefinder Binoculars are the best for hunting, and if you are passionate about hunting, you should definitely choose rangefinder binoculars over the others!

Binoculars play a major role in getting you nearer to the things that are actually at a distance! It allows you to view long distant object much closer to you. However, there are different specification and types of binoculars available in the market leaving you confused to pick the right one! If it is the first time, you will be very much confused! Let’s crack down the specification of the binoculars and help you in picking up the right one!

Binoculars in the market!

How many types of binoculars are available in the market? Well, there are too many to leave you confused! Standard Full size, Compact ones, foldable ones, wide angle binoculars, focus free, waterproof binoculars and more! Isn’t that too many to confuse you? Every binocular is designed with a specification to meet its purpose. There are standard ones that work well for long distance, and compact ones are used during trekking, focus free binoculars are used during the horse race and the car race. So, there are a lot more you can explore!

What is the magnification power?

If you have decided the purpose of your binocular, you need to look for its magnification which is the most important feature of any binocular. The magnification of the binocular decides its purpose, so you need to look for a better magnification especially if you are looking for a binocular to work in outdoors. It is easy to handle a magnification of 8X with your hands and if it goes above 10X it is advisable to use them on a tripod or stand.

Consider the field view!

Do you use the binocular to view your favourite game?  You will need a wider view to watch your favorite team playing. The large view is preferred by hunters who go out on hunting and also those who go for jungle safari and trekking prefer a larger field view.

Consider the Eye relief especially if you are wearing eyeglasses!

The Exit pupil is an important point of consideration especially for those who wear eyeglasses. It is always recommended to choose at least 15mm eye relief that will allow the person to access the complete field view with their eye glasses.

Know the environment

You must know if your binocular can be used under all conditions! Whether outdoor or indoor, your binocular should be capable of adapting to any climatic condition so check with the vendor and learn about its additional features like waterproof, fog proof and other facilities.

Price is also an important factor!

Finally, look at the price range of the binocular and choose the ones that are affordable. If you are looking for a high range binocular, you can expect them to be costly so, be ready for it!

So, with different ranges and specification, you need to sort down your needs and choose the best one that serves the purpose and also falls within your budget. Are you ready for binocular shopping now?