Which Spotting Scope for Birding?

There is nothing more fascinating and mesmerizing than watching close into the eyes of a bird flying in the sky. Surprised, but this is true. Spotting scopes can do this for you. Traditionally, costlier spotting scopes were available but with the advent of science and technology, many companies have started manufacturing Spotting Scopes at affordable prices as well.

A birder mostly carries these spotting scopes, and his or her professionalism is judged by the quality and the types of scope he or she is carrying. Taking this point into consideration, most of the optical Instruments manufacturers have started making the best

Optical devices than ever. Here, we will guide you on various types of spotting scopes that have come up in the market starting from lightweight models to astronomy ones.

Which Spotting scope is best for Birding? Most of the spotting scopes are similar in features, but it mostly depends on your area of interest and pocket size. Let us see some factors that decide which spotting scope is better for a Birder:

You need to define your preferences

Before buying anything, you need to know its usage area Likewise, while buying a spotting scope for birding you need to understand your application area. For example, if you want to watch a hawk, then you need to buy any light-weight but good quality spotting scope and if you are using your tool inside the car, then you may buy any heavyweight tool.  Cheaper spotting scopes don’t guarantee clarity and perfection, so it is advised to go for the quality product at affordable rates.

Eye relief for Eye-Glasses wearers

You need to make sure that the spotting scope you are buying has some eye protection in the case you wear spec. There are many products available that come along with front objective lens larger than 80 mm with a wider field of view. Such type of devices provide better and brighter images but at the same time, these devices are heavier too.

Fixed or Zooming Magnification

Fixed Magnification devices normally support22x or 30x magnification whereas Zooming scopes support up to 60x magnification. This is the main reason why most of the people prefer to buy Zooming Magnification models.

Choose types of Glass Lenses according to your area of interest

Varieties of glass lenses are available. Let us see some of them:

  • Standard,
  • HD or we say High Density,
  • fluorite-coated lens, and
  • ED or extra-low dispersion glass lenses.

You can hardly differentiate between these glass lenses in low magnifications. But as you increase the magnification, the difference between all of these glass lenses become visible. You can easily feel the difference.

Suggestion: For fixed or lower magnification range, it is advised to choose non-fluorite, non-ED, and non-HD lens as this would save your considerable amount of money. Generally, most of the people buy Vortex Razor HD spotting scope because it covers many basic and important features.

Hope these simple features will help you select the best spotting scope for Birding.

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