10 Things that you Must Packed During Hunting

Hunting lovers read here!!!

Doesn’t matter you are a beginner or a frequent hunter; you must pack 10 basic things before you start your hunting trip:

First-Aid Kit.

Hunting no doubt is an adventurous activity, and you never know when you meet an accident. There are least chances of finding villages or civilizations, so you need to pack your First-Aid Kit in order to control the spread of infections at first hand.

Basic necessities

fresh Water for drinking and Food for eating. Whether you are going for a week or a month, you need to carry sufficient food and water so that your days won’t go empty stomach. Lack of water can leave you dehydrated and spoil your adventurous trip. You can take long with you snacks like granola bars and dry fruits that stay fresh for a long time. Dehydrated meals and packed food is another food packing option that can be packed for an emergency.

Toilet Paper and garbage storage bag.

Packing Toilet paper for an emergency doesn’t need any explanation. You can carry Garbage storage bags as well. Suppose you are carrying any electronic devices like rangefinders, cell phones, binoculars, GPS systems, etc. like products, and in the case of rain you need to protect these devices from the upcoming water. Garbage storage bags are used in such conditions.


This may sound quite funny but lighter is an essential part of your packing items. Many wild animals don’t prefer to come near the fire so, at night, you can prepare your bedding from sticks and lit a fire around your bed so as to get warm and protected sleep. This Lighter doesn’t occupy much space in your bag but has many life-saving benefits.

Basic Medicines.

A headache, cough cold, and fever under controlled situations don’t cause much harm. You can carry basic medicines like Combiflame, Benadryl, Wikoryl, etc. so as to get instant relief.


Again for safety and protection. Carrying rope in a bag and using it as a trees stand can help you secure your belongings. You can put your things and pocket stuff in these stands or even sleep at night, protecting yourself from wild animals.

Zip ties.

Just like Cable Ties, Zip Ties are available in different sizes in the market. You can use these Zip Ties to tag a carcass, branches, attaching things temporarily, or as a part of your hunting strategy to lure your prey.

Wet wipes.

Wet wipes are a perfect means to cleaning your hands or face when you can’t find water anywhere. Still better than toilet paper.

Zip-Lock Bags.

To keep your belongings, used things like scents, food wrappers, etc., you must carry Zip-Lock bags so that the smell of one thing doesn’t mix with eth smell of the other.

Sunscreen for body protection from UV rays is a must carry item.

Hopefully, you will find these simple 10 tips useful and take into consideration while packing your bag for hunting.

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